Luxury footwear is becoming increasingly popular in 2021 thanks to celebrity culture and improved accessibility to our favourite designers thanks to diffusion lines. When you’re a complete novice to the world of luxury sneakers, however, it can feel a little overwhelming knowing where to begin and what you should be looking for in order to make the most of your investment. But if you’re hoping to start building your premium sneakers collection, you’re in safe hands with Sole Scene. 

Here’s what you need to know about buying high-end trainers…

Why buy luxury sneakers?

As any fashion lover will know, a high price tag does not necessarily equal high quality. That being said, the premium sneaker market is known for its careful attention to detail and quality fabrics used in the design and manufacturing process. Big name brands carry weight behind their reputation, so if you’re a fan of premium fashion, naturally you’re going to want to step it up with your footwear too!

Top design & materials

Athletic footwear such as the humble sneaker will never go out of style, which is exactly why this type of footwear is such a wardrobe staple. When it comes to buying luxury sneakers though, be sure to take note of the additional functional design elements such as innovative fabric technology and signature detailing that make for a more high-end finish. For example, the Off White x Nike Air Presto sneakers showcase a contemporary and updated take on the classic sports trainer with its perforated mesh design and key branding on the heel. A mix of fabrics and a concentrated design on the sole for decorative and comfort purposes can truly set apart a standard trainer from its luxe opponent. 


If you want to sport footwear that not everyone in your circle has, then the limited edition nature of luxury trainers may also appeal to you. Sneakerheads are the first to know when a new limited edition sneakers collection is about to drop, and there’s something special about grabbing a piece of fashion that exudes a sense of exclusivity. Get ahead of the game by signing up to our newsletter so you can get to grips with the latest launch dates and grab those limited edition luxury sneakers.

Exciting collaborations

Bridging the ever closing gap between music and fashion, many high-end sneaker brands team up with stars from the hip-hop scene to form much coveted collaborations, such as Kanye West with Nike and the famous Yeezy sneakers. Every new collection drop from Yeezy is highly anticipated, and it’s easy to see why. 

So, why buy luxury trainers? 

Making a statement with our choice of footwear has become popular in mainstream culture; no longer are we donning shoes purely for the functionality. Whether you’re heading for a date or an event, luxury sneakers can bring a whole load of style to your look, without major effort. Your designer trainers become a fashion accessory in their own right, and deserve the spotlight! It’s important to take care of your luxury sneakers so they maintain their best condition possible for every wear, so be sure to keep them in dust bags or their original boxes when not being worn. Also, take a look at the relevant sneaker care instructions if they require a spot clean to preserve your investment beautifully. We recommend adding Crep products to your care and protect routine; with their range of wipes, sprays and sneaker protecting kits. 

Now that you’re armed with the knowledge on how to buy luxury sneakers and what to look for, why not browse the exceptional ranges of designer trainers we stock right here at Sole Scene from top brands such as Yeezy and Nike

May 12, 2021 — Ollie Simpson